Adult Modern Beg/Int | Fridays| 10 :15 to 11:45am | Coben | $425

Adult  Modern Beg/Int | Fridays| 10 :15 to 11:45am |  Coben)

Starts September 11- January 22


 Instructor: Faith Coben, NEW! WSPA Dance Faculty

Ms. Coben holds  a BFA in Dance from Cornish College of the Arts and teaches extensively in the Seattle area. She brings a joy to her students and a love of anatomy and injury prevention that ensures a long healthy dance life. 

Attire: Leggings, T-Shirt, tights, Leotard, bare feet and socks.


Adult  Ballet Barre and Modern  Centre Beg/Int. Is offered at WSPA by popular demand.!Adults love our classical ballet barre but crave the fluid work of a modern centre. We said , " Let's do it! build the strength and alignment  at barre and then work through the spine with light floor work and less impact in centre floor. Come on in and try a class. This will be taught at a beginner/intermediate level.
  It is open to those with some background in dance or those that are beginners and have a desire to learn. T

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