Adult Drop-in Pass: SPECIAL! Morning Dance classes 1.5 Hours Adult Special $25

 Dance class made easy for adult!  Pre-purchase online or at the desk!

Adult drop in passes can be purchased for adult classes one at a time or like a class card. Just add as many to your cart as you would like to  purchase and we will get a notification of the number of classes you have purchased.
We understand that Adults lead busy lives. You can use the Adult Drop in pass to customize your participation.
Call in to make sure the class had reached its minimum enrollment to run weekly or just stop in. These are for dance classes only. All conditioning classes are priced  at $12.50 per class.

 This can also be used as a tool for master classes or workshops  that are offered. Please make sure to fill out the " White student enrollment  box" and submit so we can match up the students and the purchaser of the classes.

Questions please call 206-935-3777 with questions.