Jazz Musical Theatre 4/5/6 | Tuesdays | 5:00pm-6:00pm

Length: 18 Weeks  January 31- June 6

Instructor: Randy Ford   12- 18 yrs

What's Jazz without the drama? Exactly! We will apply jazz technique and incorporate elements of Musical Theater to tie it all together. Not only will we be dancing to classic musical theater, but we'll also incorporate some of our favorite radio hits into the class as well. You're entire life will be a musical theater number after taking this class!

Attire: Suggested clothing- Jazz shoes, socks, ballet shoes, bare feet. Sweats, leggings, shorts, tank top, t-shirt. Attire you can move well in.

Instructor Philosophy:"I started pursuing dance at the age of 17. I've been in plenty of classes where I looked around and wished I had started dancing earlier like everyone else. I know taking class can be very daunting but its not always about the highest kick or crazy hyper extension, its about the heart as well. In my class I want you to be the best dancer that YOU can be. And I hope to inspire my students to know that its never too late to pursue your dreams."

Randy's Bio:

Randy studied Dance at University of Washington. He is a Seattle-native and a contemporary dance artist.  At the University of Washington he also choreographed for the musicals Legally Blonde: The Musical and Hedwig and the Angry Inch. He is a member of Au Collective, a collection of artists whose mission is to bring women, people of color, and queer artists on stage and make dance accessible to marginalized communities He is also a certified MixxFit instructor. As a dancer/choreographer Randy has been featured in Au Collective's Gold&Skin, Next Fest NW, Showing Out: Contemporary Black Choreographers, Birthday Girl Series #5, NW New Works, and Out of Sight. When not performing, Randy is a teaching artist with YMCA Powerful Schools and We.APP Young Artist Academy. He also teaches at Vashon Dance Academy.

Category: Dance, Theatre

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