Children's Ballet 1/2 | Tuesdays | 6:15pm-7:15pm | 6-9 yrs. | July 11- August 22 |

Children's Ballet 1/2 | Tuesdays | 6-9 yrs. | July 11- August 22 |


Instructor: Christine Juarez, Director WSPA


Ballet 1/2 is a combined beginner level that also offers classwork appropriate for Ballet 2 who have completed a year of ballet 1. The level  builds on the concepts of locomotion, body awareness, pathways, dance vocabulary, sequencing and a strong sense of anatomy. An 7 week curriculum is followed that bases each class on a strong concept of movement, space or the body and how it works. A twist on the traditional classical ballet class we will start each with a class with a vigorous series of locomotor movements across the floor, for example: skips, gallops, chasses, and prances. Ballet 1/2 digs deeper into the classical ballet vocabulary with a beginner barre , center floor and jumping sections of class. Peer to peer correction, French vocabulary and the use of musical terms such as ; Adagio, moderato, allegro, presto etc are all woven into the class for a full experience.

Attire: Pink ballet slippers split sole, pink ballet tights, any solid colored leotard.  Hair up in a bun.