WSPA First Nations Native American Myths and Music| July 17- 21th | 9:00-4:00 | 7-10 yrs|

WSPA  First Nations Native American Myths and Music|  July 17- 21st | 9:00-4:00 | 7-10 yrs|

 Ages 7-10 yrs .             Mon- Fri              9am-4pm

( early drop off 7:45am/ $10 late pick up 5:45pm $20 for both. J

Just add up your early and late pick ups and pay at the end of the camp)

Faculty; Marianne Bratsanos  Music and Song and Guests

After graduating from the University she worked for the Pacific Science Center as an elementary school  technology curriculum designer and taught over 10,000 kids in the state of Washington, at PSC and with the Science and Technology vans all over Washington state. Then she began her career teaching in the Public schools for many years teaching in Queen Anne , Magnolia, Madison Park and Beacon Hill. There she taught over 5,000 different kids.

During that time she taught Music ,Integrated Arts and Technology classes to preschool through 8th grade students 

Marianne is passionate about including the Arts in ALL children's education. She believes that Music and the Arts feed the body, heart, mind, and soul. Children are naturally attracted to pattern, rhythm, singing ,dancing and the visual arts. They are inquisitive and kinesthetic and the arts provide the template for learning through a multiple intelligences approach that appeals to all learners. Training in the arts empowers children with both discipline and freedom of expression giving them the confidence to attain academic excellence and accelerated social and emotional development . Facilitating children to develop their awareness of pitch, time , space, rhythm, meter and directionality through the arts ensures success in Reading, Math, and all academic subjects.
Many research studies support this.

 Faculty Kyleigh Archer Theater:

Kyleigh Archer graduated from Cornish College of the Arts on a full ride scholarship for Theater and Performance Production. Raised in youth theater, she has been involved over 100 productions: acting, directing, choreographing, singing, costuming and designing.  She has been teaching for the last five years, implementing appropriate LSR curriculum in after school programs like the Boys and Girls Club of America. Ms. Archer believes that through theater, students can learn empathy and body awareness, as well as practical skills like: carpentry, sewing, geometry and engineering, that will aid students later in life.

 Camp Description:

This workshop will explore the music and myths that make the Pacific Northwest so special. Native American rich tradition of rich song and music will be explored. Instruments will be crafted. Artwork, color, texture and traditions and  and stories of the First Nations of our country will be shared through theater and story- telling. Campers will identify a token animal for the week and come to understand the characteristics and super powers of their token animal. Theater, song and storytelling will round out this week of enrichment. Gender Friendly!

Sample Daily Schedule:

9:00-10:15  Music and Songs

10:15-10:30 Break  Fruit and Juice provided.

10:30-11:30 Theater Games and Ice Breakers

11:30-12:30 Crafts/Instrument building

12:30-1:00 Lunch ( Campers bring lunch)

1:00- 2:00 Story Telling  and Imagination Theater

2:00-3:15   Myths of Token Animals

3:15-3:30 Break

3:30-4:00 Pass the Talking stick and wrap up

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