Hip Hop Fusion 2/3 | Sunday | 11:30am-12:30pm

Length: 18 Weeks    $375 + $15  Starts February 1st- June 11th

Instructor:  Christine Juarez

Hop Hop Fusion  invites the level 2/3 student to build  alignment, balance, turns, flexibility, isolation  along with the fun dynamics of hip hop combination. Winter/ Spring term has a goal of making our dancers even more versatile and branch out of our comfort zones and embrace a wider movement vocabulary. Join us!

Parents enjoy the farmer's market or shop while we work out.

Generally every three weeks there will be a new set of choreography to new music which will vary in movement and feeling while still having a more Hip Hop influence. Warm up consists of dynamic stability exercises, isolations, rocking, bouncing, freestyling, and learning to feel the music, class may end with a freestyle/improv circle with everyone having fun and vibing with one another if they choose to do so. Come ready to be yourself, have of fun, and challenge yourself! Philosophy: "Always a student, never a master.” In this world things are constantly changing and we are constantly learning. I may be a teacher but I learn from my students just as much as they learn from me. We are here to challenge and grow together.

Dress Code: Relaxed,comfortable clothing, sneakers. .

Category: Dance

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