Lyrical Jazz 4/5 | Friday | 4:30-5:30

18 weeks  February 5-June 10
$15 fee for production cost for Spring Production TBA
Instructor: Cheryl Delostrinos
Lyrical requires ballet and jazz training and is a hybrid form of jazz that is narrative and expressive emotionally. Warm up and center work  included  with heavy emphasis on teaching a combination that is added to weekly.
 Pre- Requisite; Students must have intermediate ballet training or be taking a ballet class once a week. Suggested classes  Ballet 3 ( once weekly can be arranged as a companion class for Lyrical) Teen/Adult Ballet Monday Night, Open Children's Ballet Friday Nights. Call 106-935-3777 for questions.
Attire: black leggings, black jazz shoes, black leotard, T- shirts may be worn, hair back.

Category: Dance

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