Adult Stretch and Strengthen | Saturdays | 9:15 to 10am | 18 weeks | $255 or $18 per drop-in (Bryan)

  Stretch and Strenghten |  Saturday | 9:15-10:00 $12.50 per class |
18 weeks Starts September 15- January 26

Adult Drop in Rate; $18.00 Minimum of $ 50 to purchase Drop in Classes

Adult morning classes are discounted. Drop in Students may purchase a drop in card with a minimum of 4 classes at the front desk or online. Your attendance will be noted at the front desk when you attend class. You may carry your drop in class card for a year.

Register online or at the front desk

Instructor:  Brittni Bryan, WSPA Dance Faculty
Description: Popular with Men and Woman.  I LOVE  this class. Take some time in the middle of the week and get the kinks out. Perfect for a lunchtime break for you that are working and need to relieve some upper back stress,  or stretch out the hamstrings, lower back and neck. I have been teaching this class at fitness centers for years and it is well received. There is no impact, take is slowly, a great entry level class after surgeries, or if you have had a vacation from fitness No up and down, once we are down we stay!. Don't shy away if you are more advanced. I add in variations for those who have been consistent with exercise. Some light weights are added in for easy strengthening. Give it a try your body will thank you!
Attire:  comfortable clothing, bare feet or socks, yoga mat, light weights, 2-3 pounds ( we do have some on sight).

Category: Conditioning

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