Parent Toddler Creative Movement | Thursdays | 9:00am-10:00pm 18 mos.-2.5 yrs.

14 week term   $290  February  2- May 11th  Rolling enrollment. Students may join at anytime for a pro- rated price.

Instructor :Christine Juarez

  This is a fun class!

Parent/ Grandparents/ Guardian or Nanny and toddler take class together. They are guided through exercises. They  join in with music and movement as the instructor guides the partners through fun and imaginative games. Guradian stands like tree and we explore " under." Guardian makes a ball with their body and toddlers explore " over." Adult on  all fours and we define "through. Props, percussion instruments and getting to know our bodies and how we move are just one wonderful part of introducing toddlers to this class. Balloons, streamers, balls, hoops are all aids in exploring our world.

Attire: Please NO SKIRTS they tend to get in the way and encumber movement and crawling. Solid leggings, barefeet, Solid colored leotard or t-shirt and hair back.

Category: Dance

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