NEW TIME! Power Barre | Tuesdsdays | 6:45pm-7:45pm $12.50 or 18/$195

Length: 18 Weeks   $12.50 per class or 18/$195

Instructor: Katie McNamara

Power Barre class is a challenging, fast-paced workout set to a fun, eclectic playlist. Come work on increasing strength, endurance, and flexibility by working each muscle group to exhaustion. Walk away (on shaky legs) a stronger you!

Instructor Bio

Katie McNamara Katie holds a Washington State ECE certification from Seattle Central Community College, and an Early Childhood Teacher Certificate from Burlington College in Burlington, VT. has been pursuing a healthy, active lifestyle in Seattle since 1992, when she moved here from Vermont. Katie owns, operates, and teaches a small, private preschool in West Seattle. Katie her husband and 10 year old daughter are West Seattleites. Katie shares her love of fitness and mindfulness and personally trains in Aerobics yoga, free weights, running, swimming, biking and rollerblading, she enjoys it all! And if you haven’t run into her at the gym or the yoga studio, you may have seen her at the local natural food co-op. Katie is certified as a 200 hour Power Yoga Teacher from CorePower Yoga, and has also attained her Barre Teacher Certification from Adrienne Kimberly’s Barre Bohemian . She currently teaches yoga classes and mindfulness to her young students and Power Yoga to adults. She will be teaching Family Yoga, Power Yoga, and Barre at West Seattle Performing arts beginning in the Fall of 2016.

Category: Conditioning

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