Pre-Ballet Fridays

Length: 14 Weeks

Instructor: Christine Juarez

Pre-Ballet is an introductory level that builds on the concepts of locomotion, body awareness, pathways, dance vocabulary, sequencing and a strong sense of anatomy. An 18 week curriculum is followed that bases each class on a strong concept of movement, space or the body and how it works. Pre-Ballet includes a light introduction to how to stand at the barre. Plie, eleve, jumping and stretching are all introduced. The seeds of posture and alignment are planted as we explore how the spine moves. Musicality and improvisation are all Part of this class.

Teaching Philosophy

I have a very strong philosophy of respect in the classroom. Student to teacher, Teacher to Student ,Students to each other, the space and the learning environment. Every student is an individual that learns in a unique way. My job as a teacher is to choose the best language and examples to create a stimulating and playful learning environment. I choose to eliminate negative words in the classroom like” No”,” not” or” wrong.” I believe in transparency in teaching and crave an authentic and healthy relationship with both my students and their families.

Category: Dance