Rehearsal 3 | Wednesdays | 7:15-8:15 | Taken w/ Ballet 3

 Rehearsal 3 | Wednesdays | 7:15-8:15 | Taken w/ Ballet 3
14 weeks  September 13- December 10 in Preparation for Nutcracker 
Instructor: Christine Juarez
This class covers instruction for 14 weeks, costuming, and any other related production expenses. It is offered at a reduced rate.
Rehearsal 3 is offered to our intermediate and advanced dancers so they can learn multiple pieces of choreography for our upcoming production. The rehearsal class is offered at this level to allow student use their technique class to focus soley on technique and rehearsal class just for learning new choreography. Dancers in Rehearsal  3 learn at a minimum 2 - 3 dances per production.

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