Rock Vocal and Intrumental Recording | Fridays | 5:30pm-8:30pm

 Term  14 weeks   February 3- May 26      3  hour course   Ages: 13- Adult

Classes will start at WSPA and then some will be held at a local recording studio.

Faculty: Alek Edmonds  ( Cornish Instructor and LA recording Professional)

Description: Alex is looking for the next American Idol to  produce and is interested in meeting a wide variety of recording artist and musicians at every level. This is a very special course to be offered at WSPA by Cornish Faculty. Classes will start with basics in computer editing and then transition into the recording studio. There is a lot to be learned about editing, recording, sound and creating a finished product. 

Equipment: laptop, any instruments you play. Eagerness to learn!


Prior to becoming the Technical Director for Music at Cornish College of the Arts Alek Edmonds worked for five years as a Technical Support Engineer and First Call House Engineer for Paramount Recording in Los Angeles, the largest privately owned recording studio franchise in North America. During his time at Paramount, Edmonds was fortunate to work with some of the top recording engineers, producers, and artists in the music business today and has a long list of album credits as a recording engineer in all genres of music. Prior to Paramount, Edmonds held a number of technical engineer and support positions at Counterpoint Systems, Warnaco, Mackie Designs, and overseeing software quality assurance, network administration, software/hardware support, and staff training.


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