Lyrical Jazz 6/7 | Monday | 4:15pm-5:30pm

 Instructor: Cheryl Delostrinos

  18 week Term                    $375 +$15 production Fee included

 Lyrical jazz 12- 18 yrs. This is an advanced level  of instruction.  This class material will be full of combinations built on an existing strong technique in ballet and jazz. Lyrical Jazz is a form of traditional jazz that is narrative and tells a story or builds on a mood or emotion. Ballet and jazz moves are combined to create this expressive style of choreography. Warm ups and center combination will make up this class material.

Pre- Requisite:  The instructor feels strongly that dancers must have an intermediate level of ballet and jazz  training to be able to master the work that will presented in this class. Students

Attire: Black leggings, black leotard, black jazz shoes, t-Shirts may be worn, hair in a pontytail.No Jewelry


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