WSPA Beginner Dance Camp | 7-11 yrs. | August 7-18|

WSPA Beginner Dance   Camp       August 7- 18     7-11 yrs.

   7- 11yrs     M- F     9:00am-4:00pm 

$1120 + tax


Dance: Christine Juarez Director of WSPA and Guest  WSPA Faculty

Theater: Kyleigh Archer 

Kyleigh Archer graduated from Cornish College of the Arts on a full ride scholarship for Theater and Performance Production. Raised in youth theater, she has been involved over 100 productions: acting, directing, choreographing, singing, costuming and designing.  She has been teaching for the last five years, implementing appropriate LSR curriculum in after school programs like the Boys and Girls Club of America. Ms. Archer believes that through theater, students can learn empathy and body awareness, as well as practical skills like: carpentry, sewing, geometry and engineering, that will aid students later in life.